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Cathaoirleach's Diary weeks 10 & 11

Week 10 and 11 as Cathaoirleach...apologies for the doubling up but time ran away from me the last couple of weeks.

I attended the very moving 75th anniversary of a young Polish Pilot, Flight Officer Boleslaw Josef Sawiak, who lost his life when his Spitfire crash-landed in neighbouring Ratoath following an aerial battle with a German Junker on Sunday August 23rd 1942. The event was in Ratoath Community Centre and hats off to Leo Cummins and his team, Ratoath Heritage Group and all involved. The event was very tastefully done with MC Theresa Lowe, wreaths laid by Minister Regina Doherty and the Polish Ambassador Mr. Ryszard Sarkowiczin.

Well done also to Leo Cummins and his team for launching "Ratoath News and Views". We are now working on issue 158 of Dunshaughlin News&Views which was started back in 2010 by Ann Mc Loughlin-O'Connor and Anne Tuite who edited and published up to Issue 100 and is now published by Dunshaughlin Community Centre.

I spent three afternoons in my new Office in MCC Headquarters with various meetings with Planning, Transport and Environment and Finance regarding upcoming issues for the full Council.

As Councillor I dealt with three planning issues, four housing representations and one Housing adaptation Grant application.

As Peace Commissioner I witnessed several HSE and LmEtb documents on behalf of Constituents from Dunshaughlin, Ratoath, Kilmessan and Navan. Theresa Lowe's name appears again in this update with Frank McNamara (her Hubby) needing a document witnessed for their son JJ who is travelling to Study in London.(please see JJ's Kickstarter campaign to fund his new CD and his studies in London- at…/9…/new-piano-cd-by-jj-mcnamara

"Young Irish Virtuoso Pianist to make CD to fund studies
JJ McNamara is a young Irish virtuoso pianist. Although only 18 he has already made his National Concert Hall debut in Dublin. Blessed with incredible fingers, McNamara is destined to become one of the greats. A child prodigy, JJ's development has been a joy to watch - please view the video which shows JJ's progress as a pianist from aged 9 to today.
This CD recording, which will be recorded at Park House Studios in County Meath on a beautiful new Steinway piano supplied by Jeffers Pianos of Cork, is being made by JJ to help fund his studies in London with Martin Roscoe, the legendary British pianist.
Included in the recording will be the magnificent Rachmaninoff Second Piano Sonata (revised version). Also the wonderful Liszt transcription of Gounod's waltz from his opera "Faust".
In addition to his super finger work, JJ has a depth of musical understanding. This CD promises to become a "must have" in any classical CD collection."

And in between all that ...As Venue Co-ordinator for the FAI Summer Soccer Camp in Dunshaughlin Community I welcomed over 150 boys and girls for the week long camp. This was our biggest camp to date (This is my eleventh year as VC) and I have to congratulate the parents of the participants...I have never met such a great bunch of well mannered , polite, good humoured and tidy kids.

Finished the week off with a three hour stint "Bag-packing" in Supervalu, to raise funds for the forthcoming "Harvest Festival"-22nd-24th September(please visit). Guess who popped up with her shopping...Theresa Lowe...think I'm being stalked lol. Over €1700 was raised on the day-well done Dunfest and well done the Dunshaughlin Community who supported the bag pack.

So that's the latest update....Ciou for now. Gerry

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